maybe we can have nice things?

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10262174_10101022034906614_1286978439728218995_nThere is a new boy in paradise, Lovers! He is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life and despite my personality, he loves spending time with me! (How amazing is that?!)

10009749_10101021247813954_3263906698522056966_nCraziness, Dear Internet, utter craziness. This boy kills me. We’re calling him Boyhood (for now) because he’s kind of a baby and I’m kind of a cougar.

10256802_10101022033868694_3760720659806529651_nYesterday a strange feeling overtook me and I ripped every piece of green and blue and grey and brown and black fabric off the shelves and started cutting. 1926844_10101022057062214_1364651829252863578_n

I can’t seem to find my rotary cutter (it’s at the ex-ish boy’s house, let’s me honest, I totally know where it is, I just don’t want to go find it!) so I cut the 4.5″ squares by hand with a template and scissors.

1001955_10101022066942414_1202730162172221122_nI am so in love with this little quilt… According to math I’m going to need 669 of these HST and I can tell you right now I don’t have that many. I think I’m going to have to do some intense sashing to make it a reasonable size. I’m sure he’d be perfectly happy with a couch size quilt, but I really do want this to be something he can use in his life for warmth – and he’s tall. (Oh, tall boys. I seem to be on a tall boy streak right now!)

10175012_10101022128379294_2787774290217784830_nI got like 90% of the blocks sewn up yesterday (and can’t wait to get this Real Job workday over with so I can go home and bust out the last few. His birthday is early next month, so I’ve got quite a bit of time, but I don’t want to slack off an find myself freaking out the night before.

Gah! Wanna hear the worst part? Not only an I considering sashing the living shit out of this (which I find incredibly lazy, just for my own abilities, like, ‘Why didn’t you just make more HST, Cassie?!’ ….. ‘Uh, because I’m lazy, that’s why….’) but I am seriously considering backing it with an NFL novelty print. Gag me, right? But it’s all green and blue and black and white and the little pops of neon green would go so well with this….

GAG ME, right?! Oh man, but he would love it so much. I can’t not do it, right?

I don’t usually make gift quilts, and let’s be brutally honest, the last one I made for a boy the relationship lasted like three weeks, so this could be terrible.  Who knows. Whatever. I’m living my life #WHOLEHEARTED and it’s rad.

XO, Lovers!!






naw, brah, I wont hem your pants

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Hey guys, just a little thing I made for me/you/us….

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 3.48.22 PM

Download the 8×10 here: no i will not hem your pants

plans and goals and thoughts and shiz

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Downloaded this. Ready to start making a few dozen.

Because holy shit this is amazing.

I need this. For one reason or another The Dude is not a fan of Instagram, so I’m thinking compromise could be instax? Or, maybe just fuck him? This thing is great. I neeeeeed one.

Started painting again. Need to pop over to Daniel Smith to re-up on paints. Having quite a bit of fun.

Josie and I are fixing up the camper to sell. Everything is getting painted white. Okay, not everything, but SO MANY THINGS! It feels really strange doing all this work and not living there. Like, why didn’t we do things right the first time around? How come some stranger gets to enjoy the beautiful, crisp white paint and not me? (Suddenly the camper is becoming a metaphor for my failed relationship and that’s no bueno.)

Whacked together these cute little curio shelves today while doing camper shit. I am so in love with them, I can’t even tell you. The Dude gave me Storm Trooper “to keep me safe,” and I’m super jazzed he has his own little shelf now, rather than just sitting alone in the windowsill. Oh, Storm Trooper, I love you.

Painted my sewing table. No sewing as of late, but soon, Dear Internet, soon. I’m having a hard time finding my center these days (work, life, love, shit, more shit, epic shit mountain, money, adulthood, etc…) so sewing has kind of slid into a coma. It’s okay. I’m making my way back to the temple of fabric doom.

Pray for me, Lovers, I am lost in the Desert of Adulthood and not really very good at aimlessly wandering.

It’ll all be normal again soon. (Or, maybe this is the new normal?)

A finish and a half…

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So let’s talk about the Life quilt…


I started this bad boy in December and finished it last weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever had a quilt take quite so long and actually get finished. It’s a new for me. Slow and steady isn’t really my jam, ya know?

IMG_0320 IMG_0322

I was pretty big when I based it. I laid on it and it was much larger than me in every direction. I was pretty positive it was a queen…. And then after all the quilting and the washing (OMG! how wrinkly is this?! it’s amaaaaaazing!) it’s quite small. It’s more of a couch-lap-quilt type deal now I’m afraid.

And the quilting is a little bipolar. Some pebbles, some straight lines. Whatever. I do what I want.

All in all, not that bad. Pretty much exactly how I want my life – just good enough as to not inconvenience me with the amount of work perfection would take.

Moving right along, let’s talk about the chair.

IMG_0180Oh this fucking chair. It has lived at like three of my friend’s houses and couldn’t quite make it to Goodwill to save it’s life… It was old and sink-y and kind of creepy and I loved it. So I stole it…. from people who didn’t want it.

IMG_0185So I ripped the fabric off. And painted it red.


Traced the sad little seat cushion and BAM! I decided to reupholster this fucker with orphaned quilts. Wish I had taken the time to make some piping and pipe the cushion, but I was too excited to think about all that. Also, there is a gruesome center seam that drives me nuts. This damn cushion will probably be re-reupholstered sometime soonish.

IMG_0247Then I stapled. And took a break.


Then I stapled like my life depended on it. I’ve never done anything like this before, so don’t ask for my opinion on “the best way to do it” because I just made that shit up. Staple wildly and assume you’re going to tacky glue some fancy braid over the staples? Yup, that’s how I roll. IMG_0252 IMG_0253

Also, in case you’re wondering, Harbor Freight has a kind of crappy little staple gun for five bucks. Go get one and reupholster something. It’s a lot of fun. And if you hate it later, just hawk it on Craig’s List. NBD.  IMG_0255So there you have it. Two finishes. Well, one and a half, because I still haven’t decided on a braid yet.

projects on the docket…

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I’ve got a lot of projects on the brain, Dear Internet…. but I can’t seem to find the energy to get many (cough-any-cough) of them started. Maybe making a little inspiration board will help me get my shit together?


1. this tattoo, 2. this little pallate side table (for my keys by the door), 3. this honeycomb shelf for my glasses, 4. this loft bed, 5. this cute little succulent frame


6. this window treatment, 7. this window treatment, 8. this coat rack because I can’t hang things on my cement walls, 9. this cool palette bookshelf

One Little Word

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Alright assholes, I give in. The Boy Wonder and I have spent at least ten minutes discussing what my word should be and I think I’ve committed. No, let’s get this straight, I’m wholeheartedly committing to wholehearted.

I want to be all in this year.

I want to meet every challenge head-on, fight until my last breath and give my 100% in everything I do.

…In other news, I need to find my real camera.

fuck 2013. seriously.

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I’m feeling really sad about 2013, guys. This has been a really hard year, following an even harder 2012 and it makes me a little nervous about what’s coming next.

20130517_140229I lost my best friend.

e8665106fc5a11e28c8722000a1f90f9_7I lost my puppy.

94f41e6a7e2211e292c422000a1fbe6b_7I lost my baby.

e9e8f8fe2d5511e3be6a22000aa80096_7But it wasn’t all bad…. I’ve made huge strides towards the person I want to be. I’m hoping that despite the fact that 2013 has been mostly a shitpile, next year will be better. I’ve got quite a few projects I’m working on and feeling really inspired and focused.

State of the Union….

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There have been some changes…


Promotion at work.


New apartment. (All to myself.)


New boy. (Oh, Beardface… he makes me so fucking happy.)


New quilt – new life quilt. (Simple, classy, bold, easy, fun….)

3baf3f1c6abf11e3935812b9b3861d9e_8So here I am, Sunday afternoon, sewing away at the Beardface’s house….

d0cb32da6b4c11e3bf530ec01848ca67_8…Making good choices and laughing at every opportunity…


I’m nervous about being honest with you, Dear Internet…. I’m so in love with my little life, so I guess I’m not apologizing, as much as saying, “sorry, not sorry.”


I am awesome. My quilt is awesome… some contrast matchsticking just for intrigue… Life is pretty fucking awesome.

Hope you’re not too mad I’ve been radio silent, Dear Internet.

how I deal with “damnit!” moments

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Okay, so this isn’t really an uplifting post where I tell my not so revolutionary way to solve a huge abstract problem… it’s one where I make a thinly veiled joke and show off my skillz. (Yes, skillz with a -z.)

I have recently decided to spend more time at my “real job,” and therefore will have less time to spend doing…. well, pretty much whatever I want… which is sometimes nothing.

I wanted to make the most of Monday and Tuesday (fuck cleaning and organizing the apartment, that shit can wait for a weeknight!) and since my legging fabric wont be here until tomorrow evening (DAMNIT!) I hopped in the car last night and zipped over to Joanns.

20131001_083007Enter ridiculous project purchase. That’s right, Dear Internet, I was worried I would be bored today so I bought some cheetah fur.


Josie has this awesome fur lined hoodie he got at Aeropostale a million winters ago – which now is so matted and ripped it looks like a costume piece from Duck Dynasty – and I’ve always wanted one. It’s heavy and furry and just kind of cool. So when I saw that the faux fur was on sale…. yeah, you get it.

IMG_20131001_125718Only the hood and body are lined with fur, the sleeves are just lined in this soft pumpkin jersey I got for leggings. Joanns doesn’t have a lot of colors of sweatshirt fleece and I kind of wish I’d gone for black. The red is super red.


The pockets don’t really line up in the front but I’m hoping no one notices?20131001_134830

They are, on the up-side, fucking huge. Which is great. I carry a lot of junk around. Especially at work… Oooh, I just had a great thought! I will likely be spending more time out in the (unheated) warehouse, so BOOM! new furry warehouse jacket! 20131001_134914

Pattern is one I cooked up by tracing a RTW hoodie I don’t hate. The only strange fit issue is the sleeve caps were too high so I gathered them and we’re just going to pretend princess sleeves is a style choice and not a DAMNIT moment. 20131001_134921So there you have it. How to turn “godamnit my fabric wont arrive until too late to play!” into “godamnit it’s cozy in here!” All you need is a little bit of cheetah fur.

If you wanna make a hoodie, here are a few indie patterns I don’t hate. (Though I haven’t tried any of them, so don’t come crying to me when they suck.)

this guy, this guy

this guy,  and this guy… (which I bought today with the intention of using in this project, but you only buy one size at a time and I accidentally bought the large.)


the one where I’m really honest about cameltoe

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I know, I know. We’ve had this debate/chat/argument before, Dear Internet…

I get it… but I’ve become obsessed. Really really obsessed.

I bought the Ooh La Leggings from Papercut. Waited patiently for it to arrive from NZ. Bought some amazing wool/lycra jersey from Mill Ends in PDX. Ordered some knits from Girl Charlee.

Seriously, I went all in.

Well, folks, today I made a few pairs of the Ooh La leggings… and I’m not totally sold. The first pair I used a really great cotton blend knit I picked up at Goodwill in an XS. Too big and droopy for the particular knit but I figured, hey, the wool/lycra doesn’t have quite the stretch so on the safe side I’ll roll with it rather than sizing down.

20130928_205456First of all, this was my first time using Swedish tracing paper and I’m sold. I snagged mine from the West Seattle Fabric Co. and it’s amazing. On the offhand chance you haven’t been living under a rock, it’s kind of like a giant fancy dryer sheet that you use to trace patterns. Excellent use of $12 if I do say so.

Anyway, let’s get back to leggings.


Everyone already said these bad boys are long, so I don’t know why I thought I’d be some sort of exception. Whatever. 20130929_100547-1I had to do a lot of surgery to get it to this point. The XS was way too big in a lot of ways. A lot of (cough-droopy-crotch-cough) bad ways. I took in as many seams as I could and even pinched out some bulk by adding a CF seam.

I’ll prepare you – still not perfect. I had such high hopes. They look awesome on the model and awesome on Lauren and at $20 I just figured, they’re supposed to be perfect, right?

Recently Updated4

No. No, sir.

I don’t hate them and will definitely wear them under dresses this winter but they are not pants. I want leggings+pants. Leggings that are pants. The crotch wrinkles and gives me horrible camel toe. The knees wrinkle. Even the ankles are bulky like they’re too big. I feel like I definitely could have but the XXS and been fine. There is a fair bit of stretch in this wool. Too late now. If I keep cutting I guarantee I will fuck up $25/yd fabric. Okay, so I’ve created a pair of very expensive long johns with excessive style details. Whatever.

Will try again tomorrow with a regular knit and the XXS. Also going to experiment with other indie legging patterns.

Leggings will be pants, guys. The revolution will be televised and it will be wearing leggings.


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